Black Max Elliptical Boiler Handhole Boiler Gaskets (6-Pack), #OGBMGE6

SKU: OGBMG3004005025

gasket_size: 3" x 4" x 1/2"

Compared to spiral wound gaskets, BLACK-MAX® gasket seal better and has much better recovery properties. And while spiral gaskets require near perfect conditions, BLACK-MAX® gaskets seal on rough, pitted surfaces under less compressive load. Black-Max® gaskets are made from multiple layers of foil-reinforced, exfoliated graphite and 316 stainless steel, ensuring gasket stability. The temperature range of the components and the recovery at broad temperature ranges (-400 to 1,200ºF Steam) allow you to use them in virtually any situation, in environments from cryogenic to steam.


  • Gaskets are 1/4" Nominal Thickness
  • Temperature - -400°F (-240°C) to +850°F (+454°C) in atmosphere,+1200°F (+650°C) in steam
  • Pressure (Max) 2000 psig (70 bar)
  • P x T (max) 175,000 (6,000) 1/4"
  • M Factor 2 (smooth Flange Surface)
  • Y Stress 900 psi (6 MPa) (Smooth Flange Surface)
  • Maximum Gasket Load 24,000 psi (165 MPa)



More Information
Manufacturer Black-Max
PSI # Rating 2000#
Temperature rating 1200°


Manufacturer Black-Max
PSI # Rating 2000#
Temperature rating 1200°

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