BLUE-MAX Elliptical Manhole Boiler Gaskets (2-Pack), #BMT1201000000

SKU: OGBMT1101501225

gasket_size: 11" x 15" x 1-1/4"
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to remove-Teflon!
  • Chemical resistance -inert with most chemicals
  • For rough surfaces – conformal
  • Extra-long shelf life

Blue Max® boiler gaskets are made from a special formula glass/elastomer-impregnated tacky cloth.

The gaskets have their sizes clearly marked for easy installation. These super-strong gaskets resist splitting due to over-tightening flange surfaces.

Key Benefits:

Zero Leakage Under Pressure: Even the slightest leakage is too much, as it increases maintenance and reduces boiler life. Tests by major boiler manufacturers confirm that Blue-Max® gaskets seal- with zero leakage-on steam to 450 psi and on cold-water hydro tests up to 1500 psi and Blue-Max® gaskets withstand working temperatures up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Rubber gaskets simply can’t withstand that kind of pressure and heat.

Easily Removed: Removal is easy and requires no scraping, chiseling or grinding. This is important in reducing the maintenance costs and down time. Sizes Clearly Marked : Each Blue-Max® gasket is permanently marked with its size, so you’ll know immediately you have the appropriate one.

Easy Problem Free Installation: Blue-Max® gaskets offer installation advantages over other types. Because of the materials construction and strength, there is no danger of over tightening the gasket and cutting it in half. A Blue-Max® gasket naturally lays flat on the flange and requires no special installation tools, procedures or training. Simply install the gasket and crank it down.

Maximum Sealing on Rough Surfaces: Rough and pitted surfaces on old or poorly maintained flanges pose no problem for a Blue-Max® gasket.The material is resilient enough to conform perfectly to surface topography and maintain the tightest possible seal.

Chemical Resistant: The proprietary Teflon wrap is resistant to the chemicals used in treating boiler water, so gaskets will last longer.

Extended Shelf Life: A Blue-Max® Gasket won’t dry out or lose its strength while in sits on the shelf.

More Information
Manufacturer Blue-Max
PSI # Rating 450#
Temperature rating 500°


Manufacturer Blue-Max
PSI # Rating 450#
Temperature rating 500°

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