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Weil McLain Elastomer Seals 592-800-007
Weil McLain Elastomer Seals 592-800-005
Weil McLain Elastomer Seals 592-800-010
Weil Mclain LGB Series - Left End Section 313-300-109
Weil Mclain LGB Series - Center Section 313-300-110
Weil McLain 80 Series - Front Section 315-700-100
Weil McLain 80 Series - Back Section 315-700-110
Weil McLain 78 Series - Back Section 315-700-068
Weil McLain 78 Series - Front Section 315-700-059
Weil McLain EGH Series - Center Section with Lugs  311-800-026
Weil McLain EGH Series - Right End Heater Section  311-800-022
Weil McLain EGH Series - Left End Heater Section  311-800-014
Weil Mclain LGB Series - Right End Section 313-300-111
Weil McLain Elastomer Seals 592-800-009
Weil McLain Elastomer Seals 592-800-008
Weil McLain 88 Series 2 - Tankless Int. Section 316-301-214
Weil McLain 88 Series 2 - Supply Int. Section 316-301-213
Weil McLain 88 Series 2 - Plain Int. Section 316-301-212

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Weil-McLain residential boilers, commercial boilers and repair parts are all available at Complete commercial Weil-McLain gas boilers, oil boilers and duel fuel boilers are competitively priced here at Oswald Supply. All replacement Weil-McLain boiler sections are in stock and ready to ship. EG, EGH, LGB, 80 Series, 88 Series, 94 Series boiler sections, port seals, roping, observation port assemblies, boiler controls, jackets and other commercial Weil-McLain boiler parts can be found directly on our site. If you don’t see what you are looking for, please give us a call and our friendly and knowledgeable sales staff will be happy to get you what you need.

As a Weil McLain boiler distributor, we also stock and sell residential complete boilers. Ultra S4 Gas boiler, GC90 Gas Boiler, CGi Gas boiler, CGa Gas boiler, EG gas boiler, Ultra oil boiler, WGO oil boiler, WTGO boiler, SGO Oil boiler usually ship out in 1 or 2 business days, nationwide. Our extensive inventory includes Weil-McLain boiler sections, port seals, high temp roping,
tankless coils, dampers and jackets, observation port assemblies and boiler controls.