Oswald Supply proudly distributes:

Electromatic Water Conditioning Boiler treatment product

Hands-Free Automatic Boiler Water Treatment

For use on:

  • Steam Boilers and Hot Water Boilers
  • Domestic Hot Water
  • Condensate Receiver Tanks


  • Pollution
  • Scale Formation
  • Corrosion
  • pH

Dissolved Oxygen

ELECTROMATIC positive ions will combine with oxygen to form an oxide of the Electromatic unit itself, Rather than an oxide of the boiler structure you want to protect.

Hydrogen ions concentrated at the cathode will react with oxygen and form water – the existing environment in your boiler.

Blow Down

Conscientious blow down is recommended with Electromatic Water Conditioning for your Boiler. High make-up situations could demand a continuous bleed-off.


The boiler manhole opening, the boiler handhole opening and the mud leg.

Advantages of Electromatic

  • Scale formations stops
  • Old scale gradually decomposes
  • Pitting caused by corrosive gasses stops immediately
  • Electrolytic corrosion is prevented
  • Constant automatic pH control
  • Caustic embrittlement is prevented
  • Pure steam assured for your heating process –no chemical carryover
  • Foaming and priming caused by mineral matter is eliminated
  • Chemical treatment is not necessary
  • Routine water analyses are not required
  • Less packing, valve and trap replacements
  • No wires or electrical hook-ups necessary
  • Twenty-four hour protection –unit accommodates any change in make-up as it occurs
  • No pollution problems

1 Electromatic Unit per 50 Horsepower