Traditional Free Standing Radiators

Traditional free standing cast iron radiators offer updated styling and trim lines.

They are available in several standard dimensions and can be assembled with any number of sections. Oswald’s free standing radiators are suitable for both residential and commercial applications for both hot water and steam systems. This radiant heat - combined with convected heat -provides a warm comfortable environment. It shields outside walls and windows to stop cold air from infiltrating.  Dimensions/Ratings/Heat Emissions Spec Sheet

 Traditional Free Standing Radiator

Victoria Style

The design of the Victoria radiator is exceptionally functional, as well as beautiful. The timeless elegance of ornate casting makes this radiator the perfect selection for any style or time period home, whether traditional, modern or historical.  Victoria Model Ratings Spec Sheet

Specialized Features

  • Cast iron durability for long life
  • Painted - ready to install
  • All steam vent tappings 1/8"
  • All pipe tappings 1" NPT
  • Maximum working pressure: 15 lb. steam, 30 lbs. water
  • Water content: .61 gal/section