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It is industry standard to have a discharge door at the bottom of internal trash chute and linen chutes systems. These doors offer a level of fire protection that most inspectors require. They are commonly referred to as HRD (horizontal discharge doors), Guillotine, Accordion style, or Hoppers. Held open with a 165 degree fusible link (as per NFPA code), the door is designed to close in the event of a fire in the compactor or laundry room. The discharge door, in a closed position, is to prevent the fire from traveling up the chute to other floors in the highrise building, either commercial or residential, hotel, hospitals, condominiums, nursing home and apartment buildings.

We offer both spring loaded and gravity rolling type discharge doors. Spring loaded discharge doors have two springs located in the track of the frame, protecting it from debris buildup in an effort to avoid malfunction. Gravity rolling discharge doors are much heavier in frame design, consisting of four wheels that roll the door closed once the fusible link has melted.

Each unit comes equipped with a chute collar for easy installation of both square and round chute systems. Door is of “B” label construction but does not bear a label. Hinged hopper discharge doors, consisting of one stainless steel top hinged UL-B label door assembled to the hopper, are also recommended in certain applications and available on a made-to-order basis.