Cast Iron Radiator, Size: 6-15/16" Width x 25" Height x 24 1/2" Length - 14 Sections, 6 Tubes, Water/Steam, In Stock & Ready to Ship

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SKU: MR625X14


Cast Iron Radiators provide heat in a low profile package. Radiant heat combines with convected heat to shield outer walls and windows, thus stopping cold air infiltration into living spaces.

Note: Product Image is a representation of various heights & sizes

Cast Iron Radiator Spec Sheet

• Order is based on number of sections needed
• Free-standing
• 6 Tubes
• 14 Sections
• Steam Output 10,080 BTU, Water 180 Degree Output 7,140 BTU
• Lower and slimmer than most conventional radiators
• Cast iron provides very quiet operation
• Offered from 4 section up to 56 sections, which easily enables the installation of multiple units
• Efficient radiator replacement option
• Suitable for water or steam applications

SKU: MR625X14

Suggested Install Instructions:

When installing fittings to radiator, use a small amount of pipe dope or a small amount of Teflon tape (only once or twice around thread) on the fitting. Hand-tighten fitting into radiator. Using no longer than a 10" or 12" wrench, tighten it 1½ - 2 full turns. This is a suggested method only. 

Included with all radiators is (1) 1 x 1/8" bushing, used for air valve installation.


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