Oswald Supply is a proud distributor of Peerless Boiler Company. We stock and supply the Peerless commercial and residential boilers line. The full line of Peerless Boiler repair parts are available directly on our website. Peerless parts and complete boilers for the following boilers available; PBC series, Series MI-e, MI, 63 series, Purefire, WBV, EX, MI85, WB90, DE series, PSCII, WV-DV, Cast 92-2, Meries MIHII, Pinnacle Oil, 211A, CC boiler, LC/LCE, Series TCII, Peerless Purefire Commerical, Series 64, Series GM, Series SC with optional tankless heater, Cast 92-4.

Peerless repair parts include tankless heaters,
boiler controls, cast iron sections, burner tubes, safety valves, heat exhangers, jackets, gasketing, boiler nipples, boiler rope, tie rods, observation port assemblies and more.

Through experience, technology and innovation, PB Heat, LLC continues to be a top manufacturer in the hydronic heating industry with the Peerless® brand.
When it comes to installing a boiler system for your customers, you want to provide the best value. That value starts with a top-quality Peerless® boiler as the foundation.