Atmospheric gas fired boilers originally had cast iron burners. Over the years, all the manufacturers have switched to steel (aluminized) tubular gas burners.

We stock many of the popular steel tubular gas burners for both the current boilers and obsolete boilers listed below.

Manufacturers and Models

Burnham (aka US Boiler)

Commercial: 8H, 5B
Residential: #2 Series, Independence (KIN/PIN/SIN)


Commercial: D248, DXL
Residential: PSB,WPSB


Obsolete: R/MR, HC-D, HC-E, VS-B, VGA-B/VGAM-B, HI-B/ID-A

Peerless Boiler

Commercial: Series 211A
Residential: Series 63/64
Obsolete: Series 61/62

Slant Fin

Residential: Galaxy, Sentinel, Sentry

Smith Cast iron Boilers (aka HB Smith)

Residential: GBX, GVX, GSX
Obsolete: GB100, GV100, GB200, GB250 G300, GB300, G400


Residential: DV, MGB, PEG, USC


Commercial: EGH, LGB
Residential: CGs, CGi, CGa, EG
Obsolete: MG, MGB

Plus: Bryant and Pennco, where available.

If your boiler is not listed above, please contact us with the boiler name and model number.

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