SUNTEC #A2VA-3006B, Single Stage Oil Pump (3450 RPM)




SUNTEC #A2VA-3006B, Single Stage Oil Pump (3450 RPM)

The A2VA-3006-B model has a unique circuit that contains two separate cut-on and cutoff mechanisms :

The cone valve – diaphragm valve circuit gives a high speed cut-on regardless of type of control used.
The solenoid bypassing circuit can be used to achieve cut-on and cut-off at full operation speed. It provides cut-off at full operating speed regardless of which type of control is used.
The pump circuit contains a positive displacement involute gear set and four controlling valves. This model is specially engineered for B20 use (Viton O-rings and lip seal, special materials for piston and diaphragm valve)

Fuel oil #2 and lighter, B6-B20 (blends from 6% up to 20% biodiesel, per ASTM D396) or fuel oil #4.
One pipe system (two-pipe system possible).


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