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G300 Smith Boiler - Center Port Gasket Viton 6" - 60307
SMITH PART #3641 - Heater Leg Section
SMITH PART #3639 - Back Section
SMITH PART #3638 - Front Section
SMITH PART #3637 - Plain Leg Section
SMITH PART #3623 - Heater Leg section
Smith 28A/RTS/HE Connection Box 70661
G400 Smith Boiler - Lower Port Gasket Viton 6" - 60307
SMITH PART #60306 - Port Seal - 5''

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Oswald Supply is a proud stocking distributor for H.B. Smith Boiler Company, also known as Smith Cast Iron Boiler Company. Our inventory of replacement boiler parts range from obversvation ports, port seals and boiler gaskets, rope gasket, cast iron sections, boiler jackets and rails, controls and valves, burner tubes, tankless coils, boiler nipples and much much more. The entire Smith Cast Iron boiler replacement parts catalog can be found directly on our site. Shipping is fast and easy, all parts are OEM from HB Smith Boiler Company.

Our stock and online catalog includes the replacement boiler parts for the following Smith boilers; 28A/RTS/HE, 19A/19HE, 8HE boiler, GBX, GVX, GSX, GC160 boiler, GB100, GV100, GS110, GT series 150 – 200, GT Series 400, GB200, GB250, GB300, BB-14, 8 Series boilers, 20 Series, 25 Series, Mills 350, Mills 450, Mills 650 and various miscellaneous parts, accessories, combustion chamber kits and more.