Oswald Supply Celebrates 100 Years of Service to the Trades

Centennial Press Release:

Founded in 1923, Oswald Supply is family owned and operated through four generations. Founder, Henry Charles Oswald built the business as a Boiler supply company that soon became the go-to resource for the heating trades in NYC. Keep in mind, at this time, NYC was incinerating garbage, not compacting it as we do now. Incinerators and boilers are both very similar in design, which is why the two product lines were established as Oswald Supply mainstays and are still our top selling items today, 100 years later!

Early on as Oswald Supply acquired legacy boiler company products and patterns, the company began to patent, protect, and manufacture key boiler components that are still in demand today. These products are vital to maintaining older heating systems in municipalities throughout the country. By maintaining control of the manufacturing process, Oswald Supply can help ensure the quality and longevity of these heating products. Housing Authorities and government infrastructure rely on Oswald Supply.

Oswald Supply has always maintained a knowledgeable sales staff, with customer support often led by an Oswald family member. Even employees at Oswald Supply have a long history and depth of knowledge around the Oswald Supply products. Readily available customer support is why Oswald Supply enjoys long-term relationships with its customers. Many of Oswald Supply’s customers have been in business for decades if not centuries, as well.

TIMES CHANGE: Over the decades, heating technologies evolved from coal to steam, oil and gas. Oswald Supply can accommodate all heating systems. More recently, as high efficiency boilers dominate the heating industry, Oswald Supply supports these newer heating technologies. Ultimately, heating is an integral part of a climate control system, which opens a whole new market for heating, cooling and ventilation controls, supplies and parts, in addition to our waste management product line (trash chute doors & parts).

Oswald Supply prides itself in customer service, which has always been our trademark. Contractors, manufacturers, engineers, suppliers, and distributors from coast to coast have looked to Oswald Supply for new, old, and custom products, leading the industry nationwide.

Our main store front is conveniently located in the Hunts Point section of the Bronx in New York City. Items that are in stock will usually ship the same day. Oswald Supply also maintains a robust e-commerce website, as well as top performing Amazon and Walmart storefronts.

Our Resources and Specs section on the Oswaldsupply.com website offers a wide range of FAQ’s, Diagrams, Installation/Owner Manuals, Reference Charts and Calculators for your convenience.

Our Product Lines Include:

Boilers and Heating Supplies
Boilers, sections, storage tanks, water heaters, indirect water heaters, handhole plates, manhole plates, gaskets, yokes, rings, insulation, oil burners, gas burners, vents, draft hoods, brushes, nozzles, combination gas valves, relays and other safety controls, rod type and drive in plugs, piping, nipples, fittings, controls, radiators

Oswald Supply stocks top boiler manufacturers such as Smith Cast Iron Boilers, Peerless, Burnham, Cleaver Brooks, New Yorker, Honeywell, Weil-McLain, Green Mountain, Fulton, Argo, Thermoflo, McDonnell & Miller, Conbraco, Governale

HVAC - Minisplits and Heat Pumps
Panasonic, GREE/KingHome, Field Controls

Trash Chute Doors and Parts
We carry a wide range of trash chute doors and hopper door units. US Chutes, Midland Metal Craft and All City, Sargent, Kernerator, Wilkinson, T-handles, thumb latches, springs, door checks, hydraulic cylinders, door closers, hopper pans, bottom plates, access plates

Coal and Wood Fired Baker’s Oven Doors, Grates and Parts
We are one of the leading suppliers to restaurants and bakeries nationwide. Some of our products include Oven Swing Doors, Cast Iron Dump Grates and Frames, Stationary Herringbone and Pinhole Grates, Cleanout Doors and Ash Pit Doors, Arch Fire Doors, Chimney Brushes, Fire Pokers, Shaker Rods, Furnace Cement and Fire Bricks

Oswald Supply Company 725 Whittier Street Bronx, NY 10474 212-70000

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