100 YEARS STRONG - New York-based fourth-generation family owned distributor Oswald Supply celebrates centennial year.

There are many ways to define a great company. Founded in 1923, by Henry Charles Oswald, Oswald Supply is family owned and operated through four generations and has a rich history centered on supporting heating systems throughout New York City. Over the past several decades, Oswald has expanded their presence nationally to support municipalities, housing authorities, heating & cooling contractors, and industrial supply distributors. From the very beginning, Oswald Supply serviced both boiler systems and refuse incineration systems.

“At one point New York City was incinerating garbage, not compacting it as we do now,” says Bob Oswald, fourth-generation family leader. “Incinerators and boilers are both very similar in design and at the time they both used cast iron grates and fire doors. That’s why we incorporated the two product lines, specifically repair parts, and established them as Oswald Supply mainstays.” Boilers, heating repair parts and trash chute doors are still the company’s top selling product lines today.

A good company focuses on building a business that fulfills the needs of customers and their employees. A great company looks past this and has the vision to support their industry and their community. Oswald Supply is and has a longstanding history for being known for both.

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