4 x 5 x 5/8 Elliptical Topog-E S180 Handhole Gasket - Ships Mid June



The steam boiler market makes extreme demands on gaskets; Topog-E molded rubber gaskets are specifically formulated to meet and exceed these demands and deliver industry standard performance.

Topog-E Series 180 gaskets have been refined through a series of over 600 research formulation tests to ensure that they are able to meet the exacting performance standards of the steam boiler industry.

Topog-E Series 180 gaskets have been used successfully around the world for over forty years. In general, any type of industrial pressure vessel or tank that has inspection openings is a potential application where Topog-E Series 180 gaskets can be used as a cost-effective sealing device.

The Topog-E Gasket Company produces gaskets to fit every boiler in production today. Topog-E Series 180 molded rubber gaskets are special for many reasons.

Optimal Usage. Topog-E Series 180 gaskets are quick and easy to install. They conform to the mating surfaces and need no adhesive or additional material. When servicing, they are simple to remove, and peel away easily and cleanly.

Optimal Cost. Using Topog-E Series 180 gaskets can prolong boiler life, avoiding seepage and corrosion, and reduces boiler down-time. They help you look after one of your most important assets of the boiler itself.

Optimal Formulation. Topog-E Series 180 gaskets are made from a proprietary compound which has earned worldwide respect for its performance. They are molded, not die-cut, for optimum fit and performance, and they are available in a broad range of sizes to meet your exact needs.

Optimal Quality. Quality is comprehensive! Todayâ competitive environment demands the use of high-quality products and components that contribute to the overall quality of a company‚ end product or service. Topog-E gaskets are made with a passion for quality and performance regardless of cost.

Topog-E Series 180 Spec Sheet


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