Honeywell #C6097A3053, 1" to 20" W.C Auto Reset, 1/4" NPT Pressure Switch (Additive)


SKU: HWC6097A3053


Honeywell #C6097A3053, 1" to 20" W.C Auto Reset, 1/4" NPT Pressure Switch (Additive)

Pressure Switches are safety devices used in positive-pressure or differential-pressure systems to sense gas or air pressure systems.

For use with natural gas, liquid propane (LP) gas, or air.
Diaphragm-actuated safety-limit switch.
Switch can be wired to turn on alarm.
C6097A models break control circuit at setpoint on pressure fall.
Lockout with manual reset and recycle options.
Lockout models have external manual reset button.
Removable transparent cover protects scaleplate and adjusting knob.
Pipe tappings allow selection of positive pressure (air only) or venting connections (NPT mount only).
1/4 in. NPT or flange mount models for direct mounting to Honeywell Integrated Valve Train.
Optional switch position indicator lamp available.
IP54 enclosure standard.
Ranges: 0.4 to 5 in.wc, 3 to 21 in.wc, 12 to 60 in.wc or 1.5 to 7 psi.
Surge orifice.
Integral vent limiter on all models.


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