Honeywell #T104A1040, High Capacity Thermostatic Radiator Actuator - Integral Sensor


SKU: HWT104A1040


Honeywell #T104A1040, High Capacity Thermostatic Radiator Actuator - Integral Sensor

Provide precise and automatic control of room temperature in two-pipe systems by modulating the flow of hot water or steam through free-standing radiators, convectors and other heating units with high capacity requirements.

Use T100 thermostatic actuators with V100 valve bodies, T104 thermostat actuators with V110 valve bodies.

Valves and actuators meet ASHRAE Standard 102-1989
For control of hot water or steam radiators, convectors or other hydronic heating units
Thermostatic actuator setpoint dial shows guide marks (1-5) and provides positive shutoff when turned fully clockwise (0)
Thermostatic actuator includes sensor and setpoint dial; components may be integral or connected by capillary tubes
Valve seat disc, made of resilient EPDM, ensures tight shutoff on hot water or low pressure steam systems
Nickel-plated brass cast valve body with working parts in cartridge insert for ease of service
No electrical connections or wiring required
All working parts replaceable while valve remains in service, in-line, under pressure
T104/V110 designed to meet higher capacity normally required of North American radiator systems — over twice the flow capacity of most competitive valves
Ratings: maximum temperature - 248°F; maximum system PSI - 150 PSI (hot water); 14 PSI (steam V100 series), 15 PSI (steam V110 series); maximum differential - 17 PSI


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