Hydrolevel 250 - Model 45-250 Cut-Off/Pump Control. Steam Boilers


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Used on steam boilers. Operates boiler feed pump to maintain water level between. Burner circuit contacts open if water drops below bottom probe. Automatically restarts burner on return of normal water level.

    No Moving Parts in Boiler Water
    Automatic Reset
    Power Consumption 7 VA
    Controls Boiler Feed Pump
    Maintains Recommended Water Level in Boiler
    Accommodates Boilers to 250 PSI
    MODEL 250
    Primary Lelay 10FLA, 60 LRA
    Pump Relay: 20 FLA, 120 LRA
    Switch Contacts: DPST
    Power Consumption 13 VA
    Max Steam Pressure: 250 PSI
More Information
Manufacturer Hydrolevel
Manufactuer # 250


Manufacturer Hydrolevel
Manufactuer # 250

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