Wet Pack Combustion Chamber Liner (16" x 48") (16" x 16") @ 2.65 GPH



Just take it out of its wrapper and install a complete combustion chamber actually superior to steel, brick or castable chambers. Completely installed in minutes. Provides a combustion chamber that is at its maximum temperature during almost all of the “on” cycle. 

Where limited access or chamber shape prevents the use of the pre-shaped liner, flat sheets may be used in order to custom mold the required shape and thickness.

Key Features:

-          Sound absorbing qualities permits quieter burner operation.

-          No heavy chamber to remove. Liner can fit inside old chamber.

-          Heats up red-hot in seconds, reduces carbon build up and gives noticeably improved efficiency.

-          Higher utilization of fuel means possible reduction in nozzle size up to 25%. 


Comes with (2) Sheets

(1) 16" x 48"

(1) 16" x 16"

This lightweight refractory-fiber felt insulation with excellent thermal and chemical stability is produced by a special process which converts molten refined refractory materials into a formable blanket. Felted with a small amount of binder, these fibers form an insulating material which combines lightness, high heat resistance up to 2300 DEG F, low conductivity, and high sound absorption qualities. It is used to construct combustion chambers for nozzle-firing rates of .5 GPH to 10GPH.

Even under continuous exposure to flame impingement, material still retains is form and insulation properties. It can be bent to fit the contour of the chamber, yet is rigid enough to be self-supporting without sag or slump. And it weighs on 5% as much as conventional firebrick in an equal-sized combustion chamber.

With relining felt, refractory thickness can be reduced to 1/3that required for firebrick with the same insulating value.

Particularly important is the improved combustion chamber efficiently made possible by the use of relining. It provides quick heat-up which eliminated the poor combustion resulting from the usual heat-up period required by heavy refractory chambers.

This means that chamber temperature is at a maximum during almost all of the “on” cycle. Yet it will cool down within seconds after shutdown due to its low heat storage, thus avoiding nozzle damage.

It is designed for relining firebrick, refractory, and stainless steel chambers quickly and easily.

More Information
Manufacturer Midco
Manufactuer # MWT3


Manufacturer Midco
Manufactuer # MWT3

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