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Finding replacement boiler sections can be a challenge.  At Oswald Supply, we stock sections for most boilers, including some obsolete boilers along with all the necessary assembly accessories such as port seals, push nipples, hi-temperature rope, silicone adhesive and tie rods.

Commercial Boilers are made up of sections.  Oswald carries individual sections for most commercial boiler sections while most residential boiler sections are only available as an “assembled block”. 

Sections can be picked up at our Bronx warehouse or shipped within one day. We have negotiated favorable shipping rates with many freight companies. Please call us at (917) 909-2527, and we’ll be happy to help you find exactly what you are looking for.

Carried Manufacturers and Models

Burnham (aka US Boiler):
Commercial: V9A, V11, 5B, 8H
Residential: #2 Series, Independence, V8H
Obsolete: V9 (old style)

Peerless Boiler:
Commercial: SC/SCT, LC/LCT, TC, Series 211A, CC
Residential: EC/ECT, Series 63/64
Obsolete: Series 210, Series 170

Smith Cast iron Boilers (aka HB Smith/Mills):
Commercial: 19HE, 28HE, RTS-HE
Residential:  8 Series, GBX, GVX, GSX
Obsolete: 18, 19/19A, 28/28A, 350 Mills, 450 Mills, 650 Mills 34 Mills, 44 Mills, 60 Mills, 64 Mills, 20/200/2000L, G300, GB300, G400 

Commercial: 80, 88, 94 Series 3, EGH, LGB
Residential: EG, Gold Series
Obsolete: 78

Obsolete Manufacturers

Note: All of our sections are new. We do not sell used sections unless clearly stated. 

We have limited stock on obsolete boiler sections. Please give us a call to see what is available. 

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