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If you need to replace trash chute or linen chute doors, here’s an easy guide for identifying the size and style that works best for your application.  At Oswald Supply, we stock every door style and are here to provide you with the information you need to order the correct size and style door.

There are three types of stainless steel trash chute doors you will find in the field.  Universal Style, Midland Style and the Wilkinson Signature Series:

Universal style shows the “true measurement” on the wall opening/chute opening behind the door.

Midland style shows the “true measurement” on the front door panel, excluding the trim.

Wilkinson Signature Series doors. These doors are easily identified by the thumb latch and pull chrome handle. The door closer is also located in a side pocket on the right behind the trim, and not visible when the door is open.

We also stock every replacement part for trash chute doors:

Latches & Handles
Wall Buck & Baffles
Ball Studs

 Download How to Measure pdf here


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